Sunday, 18 January 2009

yeah, lendmeabook will be included in this new website

.. for da time being, do have a look at the listed book here for you to read. (^_^).


Sunday, 12 October 2008

latest books

Ladies n gentlemen, dear book lovers out there. these are the latest books available in the house. do contact me for more details okay?

Azur Like ItB079
Gaza Diserang!B085
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceB087
Les MiserablesB074
Murder on the Home FrontB083
On the Street Where You LiveB084
Pilot CafeB078
Sari & SinsB070
Smoke ScreenB071
Snow falling on cedarsB082
Stone ColdB077
The AppealB075
The Chronicles of NarniaB086
The CollectersB076


Sunday, 14 September 2008

B062 - The Cardinal of the Kremlin , Tom Clancy

CIA employee Jack Ryan becomes involved in a race to rescue a long time undercover spy located in Moscow code named Cardinal.As Cardinal loses his cover and is captured and interrogated, Ryan developes an intricate plan to not only rescue Cardinal, but also to affect the defection to the West of the head of KGB to save the current Soviet government. Included are vivid descriptions of Afghan rebel attacks against Soviet Star War sites.
John Juergens, Resident Scholar

The United States has a highly placed spy in the Russian Government and must try to beat the KGB to him. His codename is CARDINAL. It is during the peace talks of the Cold War, and as the raveling plot unfolds, you'll see that there is more to the story than rescuing an agent.
Anthony Selbe, Resident Scholar

Tone of story - suspenseful (sophisticated fear)
Time/era of story: - 1980's-1999
Spying/Terrorism Thriller Yes
Cloak & Dagger Plotlets: - main char. spying/sabotage
Kid or adult book? - Adult or Young Adult Book
Search for technology? - special war tech.

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

B046 - The Sigma Protocol, Robert Ludlum

Ben Hartman is vacationing in Switzerland when he meets his old school buddy Jimmy Cavanaugh - who tries to kill him. As he dodges assassins, mysterious tails, and police while searching for a safe place to hide, he finds his twin brother, Peter, who was thought to have died in an airplane crash several years earlier. Peter describes an international corporation which was formed in the last days of World War II, composed of financiers, influential members of large corporations, and Nazi brass. He gives Ben a photo of some of the leaders, only to find out that their father was a member. Soon, Peter is killed by a sniper, and Ben escapes with his life again.

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Status : Available (^_^)

Monday, 1 September 2008

List of members

Here are the list of registered members and their id. Please remember your id for future usage. (^_^)


Thanks for supporting LMAB!!! xoxo!


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Books' availability

This post will show you whether the books are available to be rent or not. I'll keep this post update everyday at 12am.iA.
*A = available , N/A = not available

A Darkness More Than NightB032A
A Different WarB008A
A Matter of HonourB020A
All That RemainsB041A
Angels and DemonsB068N/A
Black MayB037A
Brick LaneB039A
Close Quarter BattleB038A
David CopperfieldB005A
Deception PointB010A
Executive OrdersB063A
Fade The HeatB019A
Fatal VoyageB025A
First Among EqualsB021A
Four Past MidnightB054A
Ghostrider OneB061A
Great ExpectationsB004A
Harry Porter and the Order of the PhoenixB017A
Hour GameB009A
I'm a BelieverB023A
Leading LadyB018A
Murder BookB043A
O'Hara's ChoiceB030A
October SkyB015A
Passion & PoppadomsB040A
Post MortemB042A
Power PlaysB060A
Rage of AngelsB050A
Ramses: The Son of the LightB006A
Riding The SnakeB053A
St Agnes' StandB056A
Suddenly SingleB048N/A
Sweet Valley High: A Date with a WerewolfB012A
Sweet Valley Twins: The Battle of the CheeleadersB011A
The Adventures of Tom SawyerB031A
The Bancroft StrategyB045A
The Black IceB033A
The Bourne UltimatumB044A
The Cardinal of the KremlinB062A
The Devil Wears PradaB028A
The Doomsday ConspiracyB049A
The Four FeathersB001A
The Heavenly CollectionB067N/A
The Hunt For Red OctoberB059A
The Invaders PlanB027A
The JurorB013A
The Key to RebeccaB026A
The Last JurorB024A
The Lincoln LawyerB034A
The Mediterranean CaperB007A
The Prisoner of ZendaB002A
The Prodigal DaughterB022A
The Rule of FourB016A
The Secret WarriorsB065A
The Sigma ProtocolB046A
The Tom Clancy CompanionB064A
To Kill A Mocking-BirdB014A
Unfortunate Events (4th): The Miserable Mill B029A
Venus EnvyB047A
World Famous GangstersB066N/A


History of LMAB

-->I know a man who really loves reading books. He will keep on buying books every now and then. What happen to those books? The books mounted in his house but he objected whenever others suggests to sell the books.

-->So the books keeps on piling from day to day until one day, a young lady came to him and ask him to think about lending it to others. "Its a good idea", he said, but he has no time to arrange the books himself, so he give it to the young lady to organize all of the books, and thats where LendMeABook was born. (^_^)

-->Owh, by the way, the young lady in this story is me and the man who loves reading books is my hero, my dad. The one who suggested to sell those books is my mom. She just cant stand those books taking up so much space in our house! :P Some of the books belongs to my sisters, who also shares the passion of reading books. ;)

Sorry I cant lend you the books for free as there are maintenance to do to keep the system up and running. This is also a practise for me so that i could apply all of the things I've learn in the class. Hope that all of you will help me keep this site lively so that all of us can get the benefit of LendMeABook. Support UTPians!

... some of the owners of the books ...